The Department of International Action of the Doctoral College Lille Nord de France can support a part of the trip expenses for the PhD students going abroad for their research activities.

The call for projects of the Department of International Action of the Doctoral College Lille Nord de France « International PhD study and training opportunities in Nord – Pas-de-Calais » is published twice a year.

Candidate prerequisites

This call is for all PhD students registered in a doctoral school of the Nord – Pas-de-Calais region. This call finances the following projects:

  • To enable students conducting research under the auspices of a regional establishment to move abroad. This action does not include travel to conferences, congresses or summer schools.
  • To organize international PhD student meetings,
  • To support international projects championed by regional PhD student associations (or groups) submitted with the cooperation of their doctoral school.

Candidate selection criteria

  • The content and relevance of the mission: the DAI funding is not intended to replace the normal funding of the thesis.
  • The presence of sufficient co-funding in particular of the laboratory (cofinancing of 50%).
  • The mobility must last a minimum of 1 month.

Composition of the selection committee

The selection committee includes the representatives from the doctoral college

Terms and conditions

  • Eligible expenses are trip costs
  • The DAI can only contribute € 3000 at most
  • This call will directly fund the laboratory for eligible projects

Activity review

A two-page descriptive and financial report must be provided to the DAI at the end of the project.


The call for projects opens on 3rd April 2018


  • THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS: 17th May 2018, at 16:00

Guidelines et application form

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