The DAI endeavours to mutualize the international actions of the 6 doctoral schools of the Nord – Pas-de-Calais region (renvoi vers les ED) for the purposes of supporting PhD student training, promoting PhDs and rendering them internationally mobile, and for making doctoral schools more attractive abroad.



  • Foreign PhD student orientation seminar

This seminar welcomes foreign PhD students arriving in France for their first doctoral year and help them integration

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  • Co-funding for actions abroad

Calls for projects by PhD students (2/year) on international mobility projects : movement of PhD students abroad within the scope of their research activity, organization of international PhD student conferences, international projects led by regional PhD student associations)

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  • Funding for thesis awards

These thesis award are granted to winners selected by the doctoral college (1 in Science and Technology and 1 in Social Science and Humanities)

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  • Funding for visiting professor

Advanced courses or seminars offered to PhD students and conducted by internationally renowned scientists

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